Embodied Practices
Simple, practical, concrete skills to
calm your body, ease your mind, and open your heart


What would it be like to be peacefully at one with yourself
and with your life?


You’ve learned to be independent.

You have a life that works….at least, on the outside.

But there’s an inner split that wants to be healed. There’s a feeling of disconnection, and perhaps even a sense that people really won't understand what went on inside you.

And you’re tired of struggling to hide your vulnerability behind the masks of your doing well, being responsible and competent.


You dream of being in partnership with your life, instead of in conflict with it.

What would it be like to find quietness, calm your body, and experience peace?

How would it feel to discover the natural strength that comes from wholeness, authenticity, and self-awareness?

After being under stress for many years, your body responds in habituated ways. Then that becomes the apparently normal experience within which you live.


The Embodied Practices Training Course offers simple, easy ways to safely enter into your body … and discover healing.

Slowing it all down makes it possible to re-integrate the disconnected pieces of yourself without overwhelm.

Slowing it all down is what the Embodied Practices Training Course is all about.

This psycho-educational course is made up of six modules, delivered electronically over six weeks. Each module focuses on a specific aspect of your experience – and includes audio recordings to guide you, gently and safely, through the 13 Practices. It isn't psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy but rather a way to structure practice into your life.

The Practices are based on my own experiences. Thirty years ago, they were my path back into myself out of my own deep memories of giving up hope, despairing of ever finding the peace I yearned for.

In my 20 years of working as a psychotherapist and healer, they’ve helped guide my clients and students back into their own experiences of wholeness. Here’s what one person said:

My work with the Becoming Safely Embodied practices has become a part of my daily experience of living. Recently my two daughters remarked on how different I seem, positively dealing with life and seeming happy some of the time. I was quite shocked when they told me this, I hadn’t realized how my ‘reactions’ to everything have been so attached to my past that negativity seeped through and others were seeing this in me.

~ B. United Kingdom

I had fun putting together this 3 ½ minute video for you about the skills and benefits of the Embodied Practices Course. Check it out.

The six modules come in written and audio format, spaced out over six weeks

You get the best of both worlds: private, self-paced work and real-time, ongoing support.

You’ll work in privacy, engaging with the Practices in the ways and at the speed that are right for you.

And you’ll have real-time access to me through email where I answer your questions and provide support in a safe, private space.

Thank you Deirdre for what you share with us, especially the one response you made to the blog when the first poster shared her anger when even thinking about bringing kind awareness to her anguish. You said simply, “Bless your heart.”

That is powerful medicine. Sometimes we need to hear it from someone else when we can’t do it for ourselves.


Here’s what you’ll learn, discover, and experience in the Embodied Practices Training Course

Each module includes written material to help you understand your experience and to introduce new perspectives and ways of being with yourself. There are worksheets to help you reflect and integrate your experience. And there are 13 audio recordings to guide you, safely and gently, through each of the Practices.

You can come back to them as often as you like, whenever you like. You have the freedom to fully integrate the practices into your day-to-day life in whatever ways make sense for you.

Regular email check-ins give you interactive support and my detailed response to any questions you may have as you work with the Practices.

Our five weeks passed quickly. Each Friday I eagerly awaited our next lesson, even if I felt I wasn’t always able to do as you invited (or what some part of me thought I should). Thank you so much for keeping the embodied practices program and blog open. I like knowing I can return to the audios at any time, and I love hearing what others have to say and your responses. It helps knowing we are all on the path together.

This 3 ½ minute video points out one of the greatest benefits of the Embodied Practices: Decreasing Reactivity

Module One: Introduction and Grounding

What does it mean to undertake a practice?

In this module, you’ll be guided to dedicate and ground your practice – and you’ll take the first initial step on the journey towards a calmer, more peaceful relationship with your body and your emotions.






Module Two: Calming the Body – Preliminary Practices

When you experience distress, your body reacts. (You’ve probably noticed!) In this triggered state, you may find it hard to breathe. You might feel as if there’s not enough room inside your own body, and that you’re going to explode – or implode – from the pressure.

By gently exploring your triggered reactions, you’ll learn about your inner body, the sensations you experience, and how to bring your breath into its natural home in your body.

As you find your core and learn to calm your body, you’ll find yourself feeling more at home and more settled within yourself – perhaps more so than you’ve felt in a very long time.




Module Three: Loving Kindness

The practices of loving-kindness come from ancient traditions, some of them thousands of years old – and they’re deeply relevant to our lives today. My students and clients tell me over and over again how powerful and important these practices are for them.

This module shows you how to offer loving-kindness – deep, compassionate caring – to the parts of yourself that are distressed and upset. Using questions for reflection and through three guided audios, you’ll find ways to adapt traditional loving-kindness practices to specifically address your healing needs – and open to a softer, gentler way of being with yourself.

Working with offering that sadness, kindness and warmth gave me something I could actually do. My initial reaction was to phone somewhere for some support. However, staying with the sensation and keeping listening to the audio helped me to realize that I was not helpless, and I had a choice to act by bringing in thoughts of kindness.


Module Four: Befriending Emotions Part I

If you often feel plagued by anxiety, the idea of befriending your emotions may sound odd to you. Yet you can discover a kinder, more connected way of being with even intensely uncomfortable feelings of anxiety. When you understand how your anxiety manifests and learn the practices that help you make sense out of conflicting internal messages, you’ll start discovering ways to slow down … and feel more at home with yourself and in your life.








Module Five: Befriending Emotions Part II

Depression and discouragement – everyone experiences them at some point in their lives. And when they’re present, it can feel as if your vitality is slowly draining away, leaving you exhausted, numb, and even despairing. And the idea of being with emotions such as these can bring up fears of being overwhelmed and hopeless.

The Practices in this module help you rediscover balance by noticing, with compassion and care, the patterns of your experience – and widening your attention to create a greater sense of expansiveness and comfort, without becoming overwhelmed.


Module Six: Embodied Guidance

As you rediscover what it’s like to be safe and comfortable in your body, you’ll also find yourself reconnecting with your own deep wisdom. Your body will begin to tell you what it needs to be calm and quiet in situations that have, up until now, been habitual triggers for you. And you’ll begin to hear the whispers of your own heart-wisdom, offering guidance for whatever arises in your life.

The Guidance Practices are some of the most joyous Practices anyone can experience, and they’re the perfect way to wrap up the Embodied Practices Training Course.





All put together in a 173 page, downloadable, professionally designed Embodied Practices Guide

And of course, there’s support

During the live courses I check in with people to see how their practice is progressing and to ask any questions that have come up. Those answers have been compiled into the professional designed pdf guide that goes with the course.

I want you to experience the benefits of these Practices even with the Embodied Practices Home Study Course.

Thanks for your very thoughtful responses to my lengthy rambling. I appreciate the insight and great care with which you respond. I appreciate being “gotten” in this way as so much of the burden of the depression and dark parts is feeling so isolated with it.

Because we all learn from each other’s experience, the written materials include my detailed answers to questions from past participants (with all identifying information removed, of course).


I offer you these Embodied Practices from my heart

When anyone feels unsafe in their body and in their life – we all lose the chance to receive the gift of their full presence.

That’s not okay with me. The gifts you have in your heart deserve the opportunity to unfold and flourish.

You deserve the opportunity to unfold and flourish.

These Practices will give you

  • A felt experience of being relaxed and at ease in your body
  • Specific ways to calm and ground yourself when you feel anxious and emotional
  • An understanding of how to tailor the Practices so they feel comfortable and perfect for your situation and for who you are
  • And the confidence that comes from knowing how to quiet your body, bring ease to your nervous system, relax your mind, and – best of all – allow your heart to feel safe in opening to the gifts of your life


Is this what your heart has been longing for?

Begin your journey into an embodied daily life by clicking the button below to register.


Contained Self-Paced

Huh? I know. I didn’t know what to call it either!

What I’m trying to say is that the Embodied Practices Course will be delivered to you for six weeks in a row, one session at a time. You’ll get the material and be able to work on it as soon as you can.






My goal is to help you practice. I want you to have the benefits of the practice.


Questions people have had that might help you sort it all out

Are the audios downloadable?

All of the audios are formatted so they are easy to download to your computer or to any mp3 player you have.


Are the audios delivered through the mail?

I investigated giving you both downloadable and physical versions of the program but found that the postal price would increase the cost substantially.


How basic is this? Is this a repetition of other things I’ve done?

These are simple practices although not exactly basic. These are practices I still do in my daily life, especially when I’m under any kind of stress. I find when things get complicated I need simple steps, simple ways to come back to balance. Although many of us have had spiritual practices for many years it’s applying practices to the trials and difficulties of our daily life that’s important. These practices were developed in the cauldron of doing just that.


What happens if I’m going to be away when the material arrives?

The emails will be there for you when you get back, waiting for you! I designed this especially to be self-paced with the intention of providing motivation, inspiration, and encouragement.


What’s Included in the Embodied Practices

Six Modules with
2 – 4 audios per module

Professionally Designed PDF Embodied Practices Guide
(173 pages)

Check-ins before the next session arrives, giving you support on what you learned and time to reflect and integrate what you learned from your experience
Not available with Home Study Course
Questions collected from the check-ins to which I give detailed written answers, all put in a PDF and given to every participant (taking out any personal or identifying details of course)
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